what is it

payroll card

"More power for your pay..."

A powercash card is similar to a bank account, with easy approval and no credit check.

When used as a payroll card, each payday some or all of your pay is loaded onto the card by your employer through direct deposit (you may need to ask your employer if direct deposit is offered where you work).

Using the money deposited on the card you can:

  • make ‘no fee’ purchases and payments everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted
  • withdraw cash at any Cirrus or STAR ATM
  • make PIN based ‘debit’ purchases and get cash back

Because your pay is instantly available on payday, you’ll no longer need to stand in long lines or pay outrageous check cashing fees. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your money is safely stored in an FDIC insured account.

If your employer offers direct deposit sign up today!

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